Women’s Health

Here at the Centre for Advanced Medicine, we believe healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle provide a foundation to avoid age-related illness, prolonging life-span, and living more happily along the way. That said, in the chaos of a woman’s daily life, healthy living often takes a back seat to caring for others, chores, work, busy schedules, and more. We are here to support women and their health.

Through a tailored diet, stress resilience training, the right natural health products, healthy aging and disease prevention, we tackle every aspect of women’s health.

Do you offer weight loss programs?

We do not believe in fad weight loss programs or restrictive diets here at the clinic. We do believe in testing hormones, healthy gut restoration, nutrition education, and stress / mindset shifts. With healthy function in key areas, weight loss happens naturally and more sustainably.

What if I’m really busy and on the go?

We completely understand how busy life can get for the modern woman. Multitasking and hi pace lifestyle all with little rest is the norm. But in order to show up for your life and loved ones, you need to care for yourself first. We make it easy by working within your time constraints and budget. We have quick Infusion mini bags and injection options for fast acting results, and we offer video or phone consults for your added convenience. Reach your radiant potential, you deserve it!

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