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The Centre for Advanced Medicine is an integrative medical clinic with a multidisciplinary team that uses the Functional Medical Model to solve chronic and complex health problems.

You will find our health care professionals work tirelessly to apply the latest research to restore your health and allow you to reach your full potential.

Our functional medical approach uses innovative diagnostic techniques, strategies and treatments. Along with our in-house team, we collaborate with a network of Medical Doctors and other health practitioners to solve the most difficult health problems. Our commitment to patients is to meet their current needs with fast symptoms relief and sustainable long-term solutions that ensure renewed health and future health independence.

The Story of The Centre for Advanced Medicine


Years ago, and long before he became Dr. Leigh Arseneau, he was just a young boy growing up with his brother in Sudbury, Ontario. Born into an amazing family, lawyer father, who defended the rights of those less fortunate, nurse mother, who took care of the sick and in need. Until one day the family got terrible news, his mother had been diagnosed with a rare, fatal form of Parkinson’s disease called Multiple System’s Atrophy. Life was never the same. Dr. Arseneau had to watch his beloved mother’s health deteriorate over the years. They did all they could and went doctor to doctor trying to find the best medical advice and treatment possible. The family, especially his father sacrificed all they had and devoted all his resources in order to give his mother the best care available; but it was never enough and the answers never came.


It was during this time that Dr. Arseneau discovered he wanted to be a doctor. He wanted to find the answers where nobody else could. But not just any doctor. He wanted to become a Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine expert. He wanted to apply a different lens to practice medicine by finding the root cause of disease. He wanted to be a part of the solution, not just treat symptoms. It was an unconventional path and a hard road to take with years of schooling ahead, but he was determined to bring Functional Medicine to the forefront. He believed strongly that people have the right to thoroughly understand how they got sick, get informed on research that identifies the underlying cause of their illness and discusses all potential options available to restore their health long-term; not sent home with a prescription but instead, equipped with the knowledge to participate in their health care and make informed decisions.


Fresh out of school and fueled by all the knowledge he gained, Dr. Arseneau opened his first clinic; His dream, a robust, integrative medical clinic that houses the top practitioners from different specialties who collaborate to bring the best possible care by applying the Functional Medicine model.

Years later, that dream became a reality and the Centre for Advanced Medicine was born; A clinic with a unique, carefully selected team that believes in innovative, researched-based approaches and long-term personalized solutions that renew your wellbeing and help you reach your full health potential.

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