I got into the nutrition and fitness industry after spending most of my life yo-yo dieting. Trying every fad diet on the market. I was trying to hate myself into the body and life I wanted. I was never able to maintain the gain I made. I always ended back at square one or even heavier than I started out.

But then, the best thing ever happened to me! I fell in love with nutrition and fitness after finding a community of like-minded people that truly cared about me, which gave me the courage to dig myself out of the hole I had put myself in. I strongly believe they helped save me.

But what I noticed as I started learning more and more about the fitness and nutrition industry is that most of it is complete TRASH!

Either they are providing inaccurate, incorrect information or they just don’t actually want to teach you how to lose fat in a sustainable way so you can keep it off.

Think about it. If they actually wanted to teach you how to get results and maintain them, how would they make money?

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed after going through multiple ‘quick fix’ crazes that actually made everything worse for me.

So, one day I decided to create a body transformation service that people DESERVE and teach them how to go from surviving through life to THRIVING through nutrition, fitness, healthy mindset and body image.

I am also a classroom teacher. I have been transforming lives for decades. My motto is ‘change lives through the service of others’, and I will have fulfilled my calling. I have been blessed with the opportunity to change thousands and feel that I am only getting started.

I truly believe that it is my calling to help busy professional women just like me transform their life. As the owner of Innerstrong Fitness, affiliated with the Centre for  Advanced Medicine, my motivation is to help women get fit, find balance and achieve their full potential. I am looking forward to helping you on your journey.

Let’s do this!

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Innerstrong Fitness offers results for LIFE

We create strong and confident people that set goals, crush them and build confidence so that they will never struggle again with yo-yo dieting through our Empower, Balance and Thrive Method.


In this phase, you will be empowered to:

  • Restore your metabolism

  • Optimize your hormonal health

  • Create a solid foundation to build off of

Epic Side Effects Include:
  • More energy

  • Better digestion

  • Clothes fit better

  • Stronger mindset

  • Increased productivity

  • Higher metabolism

  • Improve your relationship with food and much more


Because of the work you did in phase 1, you will be ready for an accelerated dieting phase! You will:

  • Have a coach in your corner to hold you accountable

  • Avoid self-sabotage and making mistakes that would make the process longer if you did it on your own

  • Give you individualized nutrition and fitness goals to optimize your results

  • Teach you how to eat the food you love while getting the results you want

Epic Side Effects Include:
  • Getting results faster

  • While eating more food

  • Not feeling restricted from being able to live your best life!


Phase 3, otherwise known as Lifestyle Integration, is where you learn now to naturally become the CEO of your own health for LIFE. You will:

  • Reverse diet to make sure you won’t gain the weight back

  • Be able to manage vacations, holidays, dinners out, peer pressure, and more

  • Maintain your results without tracking

Epic Side Effects Include:
  • Keep all of the results of your hard work

  • Develop independence/autonomy to eventually do this on your own

  • Gaining trust with yourself that you can do this for LIFE

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