Patient Experience

A few of our current patients share their experiences, stories and messages.

Thank you for all your extraordinary work in Functional Medicine!

Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland PhD

Using the Functional Medical model, Dr. Arseneau is able to more fully appreciate and understand complex, processes of disease. Through this lens, he is able to unravel multifaceted, health challenges rapidly and completely as he never stops searching for answers to solve difficult health challenges. His comprehensive treatment plans help patients get the care they need and deserve.


Under Dr. Arseneau care things do feel better! I noticed a real jump up the feel good ladder. I am pain free, have very little discomfort, notice a loss of body fat and a real change in my body. Because of the changes, I now sleep 7 hours a night with a nap in the afternoon in relaxed comfort.

Randy Bachman Rock Icon

Exceptional care from Dr. Arseneau and his team. It feels amazing and hopeful to have medical concerns and /or questions validated and finally getting to the root of the problem. Not just chasing symptoms.

Dr. C. Turek MD

Working with Dr. Arseneau and his team has been an absolute pleasure. From my first meeting with Dr. Arseneau it was obvious that this was a clinician who cared deeply about his patients and who was a step ahead of most of his peers – readily apparent in the deliberate and whole-istic manner in which he approaches solving the health concerns of his patients. This is a clinician that I would approach for the health concerns of my family. Ultimately, that is the highest recommendation I can give

Dr. Mansoor S. Mohammed, BSc (Hons Mol Gen), PhD

Collaboration with Dr. Leigh Arseneau has been an education in functional medicine. Assessment of complex chronic conditions is systematic and organized into a detailed history, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Recognizing the dental impact is key component to removing chronic stressors. Providing support for the patient while undergoing dental treatment is crucial to ensuring fast recovery with minimal side effects.

Dr Chris Tsang Biological Dentist DDS

Dr Arseneau generates complete and comprehensive treatment plans in a timely fashion and lays out a course for the patient that is logical and easy to follow, he certainly has the best interests of patients at heart and his ethics are beyond reproach.

Dr. Matheson MD

To me Functional Medicine allows a health practitioner to mutually guide a patient to create a balance in mind, body and spirit. Using a wide range of techniques, the health practitioner helps the patient get to the root cause of the problem and create solutions together for long lasting health and wellness.

Marcel W., Hospital Pharmacist R.Ph

My experience with Dr. Arseneau and The Centre for Advanced Medicine has been excellent!

Dr. Arseneau is extremely knowledgeable and he practices leading edge treatment modalities. I find functional medicine dynamic and it helps me to get healthier at many levels. Functional medicine allows me to be more active in optimizing my health.

Dr. Garry Kotack Dentist DDS

Dr. Mehta believes that both the body and the mind can be used as tools for health recovery and rejuvenation, and that gaining an understanding of one’s underlying biochemical and genetic inefficiencies is instrumental for long-term health and wellbeing. Functional Medicine is the wave of the future and Rhea is keen to play a critical role in this movement.

Dr. Rhea Mehta, PhD Molecular & Environmental Toxicologist

Running a company in the Film and Television industry can sometimes be taxing on one’s body and spirit. I have found that the regimen proscribed to be by Dr. Arsenault has given me the physical and psychological lift I need to perform at a very high level. My sleep patterns have improved immensely, while my overall health be it digestion, or physical stamina have also trended higher. At 45, I have the vitality of someone much younger and for this I am very grateful.

Allan F. (Patient since April 2013)

I was suffering from muscle spasms/tension, anxiety and digestion. Dr. Arseneau was able to completely resolve the muscle tension and anxiety. Initially I resisted pursuing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. But once I started, I found it very helpful and before I contracted Lyme disease, I felt better than I had in years. Dr. Arseneau is now helping me with Lyme. He is a very intelligent doctor, keeps up to date on all the relevant scientific research and is able to explain what he knows.

Bonnie W. Ph D (Patients since March 2008)

I flew from New Delhi, India to Whitby, Ontario to come to the Centre for Advanced Medicine, and it was worth it! After researching 40+ Functional Medicine Doctors in three different countries, I chose Dr. Arseneau and his team for their well-rounded expertise and user-friendly experience. Prior to CAM, I had no exposure to Functional Medicine. For a first-timer like me, Dr. Arseneau was the perfect pilot for my journey. He put me at ease. He was well-read on all my issues (and I had a lot). And, he answered all my questions (and I had a lot). His team was a joy to work with.

Almost every visit to CAM, I met another patient who would say something to the effect of, “This clinic changed my life.” My story is no different. After four months, all of my symptoms had improved, and all of the official tests backed it up. I’m back at work. I’m back in India. And I’m grateful. No one likes going to the doctor, but CAM makes the journey joyful.

Calvin B. (Patient since Sept. 2015)

I first came to the Centre for Advanced Medicine to understand and solve my gastro intestinal upset, improve my energy levels and sleep. At this point in time my gastro is completely solves and sorted out. I could feel improvement within 2 to 3 days and after 3 weeks the symptoms that had plagued me for several years were gone. The Centre for Advanced Medicine is well worth visiting and following the treatment plan. It is a step above the medical system! I feel a general overall improvement in my health since I came.

Bruce. V. CEO (Patient since March 2015)

I had a problem with my body ridding itself of yeast and the side effects of this plagued me for years. Dr Arseneau solved this and got me past the last hurdle. I now feel younger and younger with each passing day. I feel like I was born again. I feel like the energizer bunny and have started living actively again. I feel alive and am at peace with my mind. Dr. Arseneau took me from the dark place I was living and brought back the light. I highly recommend the Centre for Advanced Medicine. Go see the clinic!

Greg. B Yoga Instructor (Patient since August 2014)

I was suffering from chronic pain, joint inflammation and autoimmune problems when I first went to see Dr. Arseneau. After just a few short weeks of treatment, I improved significantly! I now sleep better and am less stressed because I am no longer living in pain. I am not dragging myself around and able to enjoy life again. I suggest to anyone who is suffering come and have a free 15 minute consult and talk to Dr. Arseneau.

Heather A. (Patient since April 2014)

Dr. Arseneau has been unbelievable with his support and wealth of knowledge. Using very thorough testing, and through the use of nutraceuticals he found the underlying cause to my symptoms and treated them. He uses a very integrative approach and has been a real life saver. In the past I have been to several doctors with no answers. Dr. Arseneau doesn’t give up on his patients and finds the cause. He is worth seeing and the clinic and staff all provide friendly and amazing services.

Lauren R. (Patient since March 2014)

I first came to see Dr. Arseneau because I was suffering from high levels of pain. I had been to see doctor after doctor for 10 years under the “western medicine” model, with no answers or relief. Dr. Arseneau discovered I was suffering from toxic overload and hormone imbalance. After just 3 months of treatment I saw massive improvements. He gave me my life back and I am able to do all the things I had to stop or give up in the past due to the pain. A lot of people might think it is a lot of hocus pocus but I say give it a chance! It has honestly been one of the best things to happen to me.

Laura N. (Patient since July 2014)

I first came to see Dr. Arseneau because I was suffering from intense headaches and fatigue, lack of sleep. Since then I am extremely happy to report that I now sleep through the night and have relief from my headaches. I didn’t even remember what life could be like living pain free. I am now clear headed and life feels wonderful headache free. I now even gravitate towards more positive people, as I am in a happier state of mind. My hair and nails are also stronger. To anyone thinking of seeing Dr. Arseneau, just do it! Put fear behind and go for it. He is so good at what he does, he is patient, personable and the office staff makes everything easy. It is a very welcoming office.

Jennifer B. (Patient since June 2013)

I decided to come see Dr. Arseneau because I needed help with weight loss and balancing my hormones. Not only did he help me loose the weight, even through the holiday season, he also increased my energy levels. I say, come and get a free assessment. See what it is all about and find the root cause to your health problems.

Janet B. (Patient since April 2013)

When I was eight years old all of a sudden I experienced a sharp pain in my left shoulder blade. Little did I know that I just went through a doorway that led me on a lifetime journey of acute and chronic pain. It was relentless. It would come and go and I never knew why. I just had to get through the pain that day and see what the next day would bring. I was brought to various medical doctors and was eventually informed I had Bursitis and that all I could do was use a hot water bottle until it went away.

In my 50’s, the pain became progressively worse and chronic migraines developed. A year ago I was at my breaking point. I went to my family doctor and was referred to a physiatrist. This referral began my journey to health and wellness. The physiatrist put together a plan and a multidisciplinary team of specialists to treat the pain as well as discover the root causes of it. One of the treating specialists is Dr. Leigh Arseneau who is a Naturopathic Doctor practising functional medicine. His personalized approach is evidence based and holistic in nature aimed at understanding your unique biochemical makeup and environment in which you live and work. Functional medicine addresses the root causes of mental and physical health issues as well as preventing future health problems from developing. Dr. Arseneau’s investigation involves listening to the details of your situation, asking pointed questions, and distilling your life journey into key points, trends and patterns that can lead to addressable root causes at the molecular level. He does this in an unhurried and nonjudgmental way. And has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in a person even when you are feeling lousy. Dr. Arseneau’s therapeutic presence is one that is respectful and compassionate and leaves you with a sense of empowerment and optimism. I have truly benefited from the role functional medicine has played in my life working alongside conventional medicine. It is imperative that healthcare practitioners in both areas of medicine work collaboratively to support the ongoing health and wellness of Canadian citizens allowing them to live an improved quality of life.

Beverly M. (Patient since August 2014)

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