Lifestyle Genomics

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Lifestyle Genetics Package
Categories Include: Diet, Sensitivities, Nutrient Needs, Physical Fitness, Mental Wellness, Detox, Obesity Risk, Hormonal Health
LoveMyHealth by DNALabs Canada is a DNA-based test designed to empower you to improve your health and well-being by personalizing actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Your Genetic Test is a Roadmap to Your Health

What to expect from your genetics experience

  1. Purchase your genomic kit – Sit with our clinic coordinator to review the process.
  2. While in the clinic, provide a buccal swab with your DNA. Sample is shipped to the lab.
  3. Genetic results come in 4-6 weeks, book an appointment with our Genetics’ specialist.
  4. An hour-long consult with the co-developer of the genetic panel to implement the top key personal recommendations for your health.
  5. Continual management for success. Follow up in 2 to 4 months for further application.
View a Sample Genetic Report (PDF 6.6MB)