Lifestyle Genomics

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Lifestyle Genetics Package
$650Pro Version
Categories Include: Diet, Sensitivities, Nutrient Needs, Physical Fitness, Mental Wellness, Detox, Obesity Risk, Hormonal Health
LoveMyHealth by DNALabs Canada is a DNA-based test designed to empower you to improve your health and well-being by personalizing actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Your Genetic Test is a Roadmap to Your Health

What to expect from your genetics experience

Step 1: Purchase your genomic kit – Sit with our clinic coordinator to review the process

Step 2: While in the clinic, provide a buccal swab with your DNA. Sample is shipped to the lab.

Step 3: Genetic results come in 4-6 weeks, we book an appointment with our in house Geneticist.

Step 4: An hour long consult with Dr. Aaron Goldman, PhD, the Chief Science Officer at DNA Labs. He is an expert in the application of clinical genomics and implements the top key personal recommendations for your health.

Step 5: Continual management for success. Follow up in 2 to 4 months for further application.

View a Sample Genetic Report (PDF 3.6MB)