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Centre Of Advanced Medicine

The Centre for Advanced Medicine is a thriving integrative medical clinic with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of health care professionals that apply the Functional Medical Model to solve chronic and complex health problems.

This future model of healthcare seeks to understand your unique path to illness, in detail, addresses the fundamental origins of your condition(s) and emphasizes innovative research-based therapy. Our commitment to patients is to listen intently to their story, identify patterns, educate, and discuss therapeutic options that ensure immediate resolution and future health renewal.

Let us show you how your symptoms are connected, foundational restore your health and help you achieve your potential!

NDs and MDs solving complex health conditions together

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Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

Marcus Aurelius

You did an awesome job! Great slides! (co-lecturer)
- Dr Angela M. Cheung, MD, PhD, FRCPC, CCD University Health Network / Toronto Rehabilitation Institute / Mount Sinai Hospital
Dr Mary Scourboutakos MD., PhD.Dr Mary Scourboutakos MD., PhD.
Dr. Arseneau is an outstanding practitioner. His intellectual prowess is inspiring. He is devoted to addressing the core processes underlying patient concerns no matter how complex they may be. He consistently exhibits kindness and compassion towards patients and sets a fine example of patient-centered care. Overall, his superb knowledge of human health paired with his warm personality make him a role model for any healthcare practitioner to learn from.
- Dr Mary Scourboutakos MD., PhD.
Dr. Jeffrey S. BlandDr. Jeffrey S. Bland
Thank you for all your extraordinary work in Functional Medicine!
- Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland
Using the Functional Medical model, Dr. Arseneau is able to more fully appreciate and understand complex processes of disease. Through this lens, he is able to unravel multifaceted, health challenges rapidly and completely as he never stops searching for answers to solve difficult health challenges. His comprehensive treatment plans help patients get the care they need and deserve.
Dr. C. Turek MDDr. C. Turek MD
Exceptional care from Dr. Arseneau and his team. It feels amazing and hopeful to have medical concerns and /or questions validated and finally getting to the root of the problem. Not just chasing symptoms.
- Dr. C. Turek MD
Dr. Mansoor S. MohammedDr. Mansoor S. Mohammed
Working with Dr. Arseneau and his team has been an absolute pleasure. From my first meeting with Dr. Arseneau it was obvious that this was a clinician who cared deeply about his patients and who was a step ahead of most of his peers – readily apparent in the deliberate and wholistic manner in which he approaches solving the health concerns of his patients. This is a clinician that I would approach for the health concerns of my family. Ultimately, that is the highest recommendation I can give
- Dr. Mansoor S. Mohammed, BSc (Hons Mol Gen), PhD
Dr Chris TsangDr Chris Tsang
Collaboration with Dr. Leigh Arseneau has been an education in functional medicine. Assessment of complex chronic conditions is systematic and organized into a detailed history, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Recognizing the dental impact is a key component to removing chronic stressors. Providing support for the patient while undergoing dental treatment is crucial to ensuring fast recovery with minimal side effects.
- Dr Chris Tsang Biological Dentist
Dr. Matheson MDDr. Matheson MD
Dr Arseneau generates complete and comprehensive treatment plans in a timely fashion and lays out a course for the patient that is logical and easy to follow, he certainly has the best interests of patients at heart and his ethics are beyond reproach.
- Dr. Matheson MD

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