Sylvia, Patient since November 2011

When I first went in to see Dr. Arseneau, I was suffering from seven years of joint/muscle chronic pain and severe dizziness. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t walk and couldn’t drive. I went from doctor to doctor trying to get help. The only help I got were pain killer medications, which would upset my stomach and turn me into a crazy person. Dr. Arseneau put an end to the pain killers. He taught me what to watch for, how to eat, how to read labels and how to watch out for things that can cause me harm. He educated me and took the time to teach me how to take care of my health. Since the very first visit I saw results. In the beginning there was a lot to do and many supplements to take. But this eventually tapered off as I got better. I am happy now living a pain free, dizzy free life. I have so much energy and I sleep normally. Dr. Arseneau is the best. He understood and fixed the problems. Never mind the money you pay because how can you put a real price on your life? On your health? Just talk to him and you will see a real difference if you try.