Shelley, Patient since Sept. 2011

When I finally went to see Dr. Arseneau, I had been bed ridden for over a year. I had been to see several doctors and they all said the same thing. They told me nothing was wrong with me. I was sleeping 20 hours a day and could not function or live my life. Dr. Arseneau made me a promise when I went to see him, my son was getting married the following year, and he promised me I would dance at his wedding. Dr. Arseneau dug deep. He listened to me and believed me. He discovered I had no hormones and was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Through the use of yucky tonics, hormone therapy and Intravenous Therapy, specifically the Myers cocktail, I slowly felt better and better. Thanks to Dr. Arseneau I feel better now than I have in years. He also kept his promise to me. I did dance at my son’s wedding. It was a dream come true. I tell anyone who will listen “Go see Dr. Arseneau!” I have total faith in him and love that guy!