Melissa, Patient since June 2010

“I had one foot in the grave and had lost my life to illness. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs, couldn’t follow a conversation, and I wasn’t sleeping. The pain was overwhelming and took over my life. I tried every painkiller and nothing worked or helped. I had problems swallowing and suffered from severe fibromyalgia. Dr. Arseneau saved me. I call him my saviour. He has completely given me my life back. I found and started a new job. I am now able to look after my kids again and haven’t suffered from an episode in a very long time. I have even started aqua fit and am able to exercise. My illness no longer defines me or limits me. Trust Dr. Arseneau, as I have. It will take time and I won’t lie, it will be costly at first. But that tapers off and he will help you get better. Give him the time he needs to find the answer because he does find it. If you work together, and trust in him, he will give you back your health.