Dr Mary Scourboutakos MD., PhD.

Posted By on Nov 20, 2020

Dr. Arseneau is an outstanding practitioner. His intellectual prowess is inspiring. He is devoted to addressing the core processes underlying patient concerns no matter how complex they may be. He consistently exhibits kindness and compassion towards patients and sets a fine example of patient-centered care. Overall, his superb knowledge of human health paired with his warm personality make him a role model for any healthcare practitioner to learn...

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I flew from New Delhi, India to Whitby, Ontario to come to the Centre for Advanced Medicine, and it was worth it! After researching 40+ Functional Medicine Doctors in three different countries, I chose Dr. Arseneau and his team for their well-rounded expertise and user-friendly experience. Prior to CAM, I had no exposure to Functional Medicine. For a first-timer like me, Dr. Arseneau was the perfect pilot for my journey. He put me at ease. He was well-read on all my issues (and I had a lot). And, he answered all my questions (and I had a lot). His team was a joy to work with. Almost every visit to CAM, I met another patient who would say something to the effect of, “This clinic changed my life.” My story is no different. After four months, all of my symptoms had improved, and all of the official tests backed it up. I’m back at work. I’m back in India. And I’m grateful. No one likes going to the doctor, but CAM makes the journey...

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Randy Bachman Rock Icon

Posted By on Nov 19, 2015

Under Dr. Arseneau care things do feel better! I noticed a real jump up the feel good ladder. I am pain free, have very little discomfort, notice a loss of body fat and a real change in my body. Because of the changes, I now sleep 7 hours a night with a nap in the afternoon in relaxed comfort.

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