Nicole Arseneau, HBSc. B.Ed. PN-1 NCI BCI NASM-CPT

Published fitness model/writer, nutrition and body transformation coach and owner of Innerstrong Fitness

Nicole Arseneau Nicole Arseneau is a multi-faceted individual as a mom, wife, published fitness model, author, nutrition and body transformation coach, entrepreneur and secondary school math teacher. Her health and fitness journey started likely not that dissimilar to yours; she struggled for many years with different fad diets with no sustainable success, then she finally hired a coach (Coach Jaclyn, Team Strong Girls). With Jackie’s help, Nicole was able to achieve her own body transformation. From her experience and years of exposure to the natural wellness industry, she discovered a sustainable weight loss method and built the body of her ‘dreams.’ Nicole went on to get certified, under Coach JVB’s (Owner of Strong Fitness Magazine) through their Strong Formula Program and learned a successful method for coaching clients to total body transformations. She further enhanced these strategies by taking additional courses and seeking out fitness experts to further her education on the many aspects of fitness, nutrition, weight loss, women’s health, hormones and body sculpting.

Combining her science background with her fitness and personal training experience and education, as well as a lifelong passion for natural wellness, Nicole decided to put it all together and created the innovative Empower, Balance, Thrive methodology to complete body transformation. It changed her life and she knows it can change yours.

Nicole now teaches busy professional women how to build lean, fit bodies without sacrificing real-life commitments. It is her passion to share this method with as many women as possible by educating them on how to eat, train and build a lean, fit, hot body and keep it forever!

Your transformation will impact every aspect of your life in a positive way. As women, we don’t need to struggle and be unhappy with our bodies as we age. We can take control of our health, gain confidence and live our best lives!

As a highly qualified professional, Nicole holds a Hons. BSc. In Biochemistry with a minor in math, a Bachelor of Education, PN-1 Nutrition Certification, NCI Nutrition Certificate, BCI Certificate, Strong Formula Certificate (Strong Fitness Magazine certified coach), and NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (in progress). She is also the co-founder of the Centre for Advanced Medicine Inc., a highly published fitness model (including several internationally recognized magazines and covers), and book author.