Karlina (Novumile) Kaulins

Registered Herbalist

Karlina (Novumile) KaulinsKarlina (Novumile) Kaulins is a Registered Herbalist and member of the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA). She has a BA (Honours) in Environmental Studies from Carleton University and completed a 2-year intensive Clinical Herbalist program with Diane Kent (Medical Herbalist and past president of the OHA) after returning from South Africa where she lived for 4 years learning traditional medicine as an initiative within the Mpondo culture.

She helps address health concerns with a focus on herbal medicine (herbal preparations: tinctures, teas, salves), dietary, and lifestyle changes. Herbal preparations can work into most conditions such as gastrointestinal (GI) issues, autoimmune problems, stress, anxiety, circulation, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol (metabolic syndrome), to name a few. Working with an herbalist may be an option for those looking for alternative options to medications, or who want help mitigating side effects of medications, or who want to address their health issues in general, with the help of herbal medicine. Working with an herbalist can also provide safe and effective options for children and seniors.

In her private practice, Karlina (Novumile) emphasizes traditional medicine practices as well. She continues to learn with other teachers as she shares her work as a practitioner. Wildcrafting, collecting and reading herbal reference books, keeping abreast of studies and clinical information, attending workshops and seminars (as well as offering them herself), spending time outdoors, and connecting with nature are among her biggest passions. Her cultural heritage is Latvian and many western herbs growing in Ontario also grow in European countries. This enables her to share and connect western Clinical herbalism with her roots.