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  • A decline in health expectancy..New England Journal of Medicine  (pdf)
  • An Update on the War on Cancer (pdf)
  • Cancer Studies Biased (pdf)
  • Case Series of Ultrasound-Guided Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (link)
  • Change in 5-yr survival rate with Chemotherapy (pdf)
  • Changing The Medicine We Do (pdf)
  • Chronic disease – the need for a new medical education. Journal of the American Medical Association (pdf)
  • Epigenetic Influence (pdf)
  • Evidence based medicine, uses and limitations (pdf)
  • Evidence-Based Medicine: Neither Good Evidence nor Good Medicine (link)
  • FDA-NSAID-alert (pdf)
  • Genomics and Precision Health (link)
  • Guesswork in Modern Medicine (pdf)
  • Harvard students rebel against pharma (pdf)
  • How Effective is Modern Medicine (pdf)
  • Is modern psychiatry scientific (pdf)
  • National Post article about alternative medicine featuring Dr. Leigh Arseneau (link)
  • Nature Chemical Biology (pdf)
  • NLM Censors Nutritional Research (link)
  • Potential drawbacks to evidence-based medicine (pdf)
  • Research on adverse drug reactions (pdf)
  • S-EBM Takes a New Turn (pdf)
  • Should Patients Undergoing Chemo & Radiation be Prescribed Antioxidants? (pdf)
  • The Gene-Environment Interaction – Centre for Disease Control (pdf)
  • The truth is out on genetically modified foods (pdf)
  • TIME – Why Genes Aren’t Your Destiny (pdf)
  • What About the Evidence for Functional Medicine (pdf)