Dr Ilona Dreyzin, MD

Dr. Dreyzin graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School (1991) and completed her residency in Family and Community Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is a Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Physicians. After working as a family physician in North York for over 15 years, Dr. Dreyzin continued her professional career as a medical consultant for various organizations in Toronto including MedCan, Anapharm Research and Syneos Health.

For almost 30 years, Dr. Dreyzin has been working as a surgical assistant in various surgical departments at several hospitals in the GTA. Her work in surgery involved both elective as well as emergency cases in areas such as orthopaedics, general surgery, vascular surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, urology and ENT. In addition, she spent many years as a surgical assistant in the department of Plastic Surgery at North York General Hospital.

Dr. Dreyzin is a certified physician in Hyperbaric Medicine and is currently working as a medical consultant at a Hyperbaric Chamber facility in Toronto.

Dr. Dreyzin also has a special interest in cosmetic medicine and over the years has completed numerous training courses in various types of injection techniques (Botox, Fillers, etc). As a result of her expertise in this field, she has been invited to teach weekend courses for other health professionals training in cosmetic injectables, and is currently a Medical Director at several cosmetic spas in Toronto.

Dr. Dreyzin has always been interested in preventative health and healthy aging. This prompted her to get training in the prescription of bioidentical hormones for men and women of all age groups. Dr. Dreyzin holds a certification in Bioidentical hormone prescribing from The Worldlink Medical Academy for Preventative and Innovative medicine. Dr. Dreyzin strongly believes that aging does not have to mean a decline in physical, mental or cognitive functions and that quality of life can be enhanced and improved for people of all ages and with various medical conditions by optimizing their hormone levels.