Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an inflammatory infection that spreads to humans through tick bites. Lyme is a borreliosis caused by borrelia bacteria, which commonly infects woodland animals like mice or deer. Ticks pick up the bacteria by biting infected animals and then pass it on to their human hosts. There are many strains of borrelia that cause Lyme disease (borreliosis) in humans.

Lyme disease is most treatable during early stages. As time passes, both treatment and diagnosis become more difficult. Symptoms worsen during each stage of infection, ranging from flu-like symptoms to neurological illnesses. With chronic Lyme disease there is not one system of the body unaffected… brain and neurological function, GI health and absorptive ability, detoxification capacity, oxidative status and hormone production as well nutritional and metabolic needs are all potential areas impacted. This condition is extremely complex and multi-system. Studies demonstrate that therapy geared solely toward infection eradication does not lead to long-term success as solutions must focus on individual compromised organ system’s damaged by this vector-based illness along with precise immune-modulation.

The Lyme Package is for patients suffering from Lyme disease at any stage. Our in-house MD, Dr. Arseneau, applies anti-Lyme medicine and Immunotherapy in collaboration with leading US-based physicians (to start medications) to get tailored treatment and prescriptions.

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