Immune Rejuvenation

Chronic immune activation is a common cause of brain fog, obesity, fatigue, joint and muscle pain and even mood disorders and hormone imbalances. Find out if immune dysfunction is at the centre of your problem(s).

  • Is your immune system overreacting?

  • Is your immune system protecting you?

The Immune system is intricate and complex and contrary to popular opinion does not simply move up and down like a ‘switch.’ Immune cells respond to messages received from the outside world (such as an infection) and internal signals (such as gut bacteria) which influence how it responds and behaves. Unhealthy signals over time can lead to various abnormalities within the immune system such as immunosenescence (lazy immunity), under responsive (withdrawn immunity), allergies (sensitive immunity), low grade activation (angry from perceived threats) or autoimmune (inappropriate attack of self). When the underlying status of the immune system is unknown, non-specific “boosting” immune activity can result in adverse outcomes among people with altered immune system function.

An objective for improving immune function should be focused on identifying and eliminating harmful immune triggers, modulating various components of the immune response, (innate and adaptive) and repairing damaged immune cells. Reprogramming your immune system leads to balance and resilience and can protect an individual from a wide variety of illnesses.

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