Gastrointestinal Restoration

The health of the digestive system is foundationally important to overall health. The whole body relies on the gut to digest and absorb nutrients for the body to assimilate, grow, repair and function optimally.

Why is it important to have a healthy gut?

Gut health and the biodiversity and abundance of the microbiome is foundational to overall wellbeing. A healthy gut communicates with the brain through nerves and other messengers and thus influences mood and behaviour, it maintains hormone metabolism and clearance, influences metabolism and caloric processing (WEIGHT) and modulates inflammatory signals and immune tolerance. The integrity of the intestinal lining, enzyme balance, toxins, improper use of probiotics, hidden food allergies and other factors all influence this delicate balance.

An unhealthy gut can present with a variety of symptoms including seasonal allergies, irritable bowel, GERD, body pain, weight gain and mood disorders.

How do you restore gastrointestinal health?

Here at the Centre for Advanced Medicine we apply the 4R gut recovery program. We do this by first removing any infections (fungal, parasitic, or bacterial), problematic foods and excessive stress to ensure healthy vagus nerve activity.

Next, we replace all the necessities for proper digestion and absorption. Then we reinoculate with strain-specific symbiotic, beneficial bacteria.
Finally, we repair the gut lining by providing nutrients and herbs that support its ability to regenerate and heal.

How do I know if I need Gastrointestinal Restoration?

If you are feeling bloated, gassy, have digestive discomfort or irregular bowel movements you would benefit from this program. Extra-GI manifestations may also include water retention, stubborn weight gain, mood volatility, brain fog or chronic pain to name a few.

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