Chronic Fatigue Recovery

  • Is your fatigue impeding your ability to enjoy life on a daily basis?

  • Have your relationships been affected by your constant low energy?

  • Are you struggling to recall words, focus or learn something new?

The current standard of care medical model is a disease-based approach, focused on achieving a specific diagnosis and applying a monotherapy to the labeled condition. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), not dissimilar to other complex syndromes, requires a much different viewpoint to fully understand and appreciate this disorder. The Functional Medicine model is a patient-centred model of care well suited for this complex condition, as it addresses the underlying core processes unique to each patient and intervenes at multiple levels for health restoration. Emerging research on this condition has elucidated many potential causes, such as intracellular infections, toxic exposures, overactivation of the stress response, amongst others. The key to success is to determine which causative factors apply to you. Functional medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and searching to identify what went wrong along their journey to understand your unique pattern of dysfunction and apply targeted, precision therapy to restore your energy as swiftly as possible.

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