Autoimmune Regulation

  • Do you feel swollen, puffy or stiff?

  • Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and are looking for solutions?

  • Is Inflammation at the centre of your health problems?

Emerging science has helped us understand and more precisely address immune dysfunction. Inflammation is a highly orchestrated problem that involves various notable operations such as cell-specific receptors, signal transduction, cytokines production, neutrophil activation and the resolution phase. Complex problems require detailed solutions. Inflammation cannot simply be blocked by naproxen, turmeric or aggressive, restrictive diets. This process has several operational components and cell types that require intelligent, well-designed strategies to regulate and stabilize. Functional medicine recognizes that chronic inflammation is modifiable and strongly depends on nutritional status, gut health, stress activation and various other signals that influence the intensity of the response. Modulation of this process can be a powerful tool to influence various conditions such as obesity, autoimmune progression, chronic pain, arthritis, dementia and heart disease to name a few.

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