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Whitby Medical Clinic

Meet Our Dedicated Team!

Whitby Health Centre

Dr. Leigh Arseneau, HBSc, ND, FMP

Medical Director & Naturopathic Doctor with an interest, skills and expertise in Functional Medicine

Nicole Arseneau, HBSc. B.Ed. PN-1 NCI BCI NASM-CPT

Published fitness model/writer, nutrition and body transformation coach and owner of Innerstrong Fitness

Dr Ilona Dreyzin, MD

Certified Physician in Hyperbaric Medicine

Doctor Aaron Goldman

Dr. Aaron Goldman, PhD

Lifestyle Genetics


(Pain & Regenerative Medicine) Chronic Multi-system Illness clinics in Markham and Sunnybrook HSC.

Doctor Tatiana

Dr. Tatiana Khoudiachova, ND

Women’s Health & Weight Loss Focus

Dr. Vivian Bizios ND

Dr. Vivian Bizios, ND

Natural Fertility and Pediatrics Focus

Dr. Stephanie Trgachef ND

Gut, Mood & Acne Focus

Boris Kris

Dr. Rhea Mehta, PhD

Environmental Toxicologist & Lifestyle Management

Dr Rachel White, RD

Registered Dietitian (BASc, RD)

Lucia Romero

Wellness Coach & Clinic Manager


Christina Lamont, RH

Registered Herbalist


Roberta Venslauskaite

Whitby & Markham Administrator & Patient Relations

Moumita Ghosh

Whitby & Markham Medical Assistant

Whitby Medical Clinic

Whitby Health Centre