Advanced Medicine’s 6 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

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There are many reasons for considering weight loss, but it is also imperative to consider the underlying conditions that contribute to weight gain. Often, weight loss is not as simple as cutting calories, as other metabolic factors could influence results, leading to fluctuation or “yoyo” dieting. Simple changes in habit can contribute to effective weight loss results. Here are some tips for habits to adopt for improved chances for positive weight loss results:

  1. Drink more water: It can be easy to confuse thirst for hunger, so before you begin snacking, drink a tall glass of water and assess your hunger level after.
  2.  Set a kitchen curfew: After you finish eating dinner, close your kitchen until 12 hours later. This will limit late night snacking and “grazing” activity.
  3. Eliminate trigger foods: It is best to keep unhealthy snacks, such as potato chips or candy, out of your home environment to remove the source of cravings.
  4. Cut your added sugar: Reducing the intake of high-sugar, processed food and drink will greatly decrease unnecessary calories in your diet. Consider sparkling water instead of soda, or eating an apple instead of a granola bar.
  5. Balance your meals: Breakfast should be satiating, otherwise you will be hungry soon after. Incorporate protein, fiber, fat, and vegetables for a well rounded, satisfying meal. For lunch and dinner, proper portions are key- eat as many vegetables as you want, but meat portions should be the size of a deck of cards, and pasta portions the size of your fist.
  6. Adjust your exercise routine: A workout that incorporates both cardio and strength training has more impact than a routine of low-impact cardio. Consider circuit or interval training for effective exercise that gets your heart rate up, and strengthens muscles.

Incorporating these good habits into your daily routine could contribute to positive weight loss results. Our personalized weight loss programs can help diagnose underlying issues contributing to weight gain, and help you safely and effectively lose weight- please contact us for more information, or schedule your free consultation today.